Update: Scandinavia is pausing/closing indefinitely. We had so much fun weaving lives and stories together, but we have decided to move on and focus on our individual careers as filmmakers. Running a business is damn tough, and we have missed creating as individual units. Thank you all for the memories.

With love,

We are a creative production company in the Bay Area of California. We represent 4 ambitious award-winning directors. Started by a decade-long group of collaborators from all over the world, we landed here to tell stories and create together. From music videos, commercials, and films, to digital short and long-form content, Scandinavia loves it all. 


Whether you have an idea fully fleshed out and need a company to translate that to a great product, or you would like creative guidance and assistance, we have all the resources you’ll need. Outside of our roster, we love to develop and produce other talent’s work as well. Drop us a line!



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